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No internet access after update!

Hi, since yesterday I am facing
the same problem on various Windows 7 machines running Virsucan Plus or Total Protection

After a McAfee update nothing seems to work properly anymore.

Windows 7 reports "no internet access" (an exclamation point on the LAN connection), no WLAN connection and access to the network is no longer possible.

Even during the de-installation the exclamation point on the network icon disappears and after a system reboot everything goes back to normal. (Restart, however, with system freeze)

After a McAfee reinstall everything goes just fine. But after a manual search for new updates, it start installing them and freezes in the process. After this, the error, exactly as described above, occurs again.

What can that be? Is there a faulty update in circulation?

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Re: No internet access after update!

You already posted in German.  If support can't help all I can suggest is completely uninstall via Control Panel

Then run the MCPR cleanup tool linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

Reboot and reinstall from your online account.

If that doesn't work to restore the connection try System Restore first and then the above.

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