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No Help whatsoever

:mad:I put in a request for help quite a few days ago.
There has been little to no views and absolutely no replies.
I think it's shameful that a virus software company, that someone pays for, does not treat their client with more diginity. And yes we are a client. We also electronically agreed to a EULA. We, as the user must comply. Shouldn't the company be held accountable as well? The virus software someone runs on their computer is like the key to a lock. It is the most essential piece of software on a person's PC. I feel time is of the essence & all problems with corresponding program should be rectified expeditiously.
I have paid for Mcafee online protection for 10 years and to be disregarded when there is a problem is unconscionable.
I still have major issues but I realize they will not be settled here.
I will be uninstalling Mcafee & regret I ever invested so much time & money with them.
Gives me the impression they are much like an insurance company. Rob you blind & then unable to be found when it's time for assistance. I guess I'll go to one of those free programs. After all You supposedly get what you pay for & I'd rather pay nothing to receive nothing.:rolleyes:
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RE: No Help whatsoever

The forum is manned by volunteers, some of whom also happen to be McAfee staff. The forums are not a substitute for the official Technical Support - if you need to have something looked at right away, contact TS (by e-mail, chat, or phone). Consider the forums a (hopefully) usefull addition to Tech Support.
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