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New Forum member with a question

I am a long time AOL/McAfee user.

Just received my new Lenovo W500 Thinkpad with Vista 64bit. I am using AOL's version of Premium Security with the McAfee download. All is good except when I try to do a full manual scan of my computer, the scan engine will run for maybe a few minutes and then shut down. I end up with a small window that says Windows and will not even allow me to open the window up. What is going on here. I am using the AOL 9.5 beta but that should not be causing the problem.

I have deleted and reinstalled McAfee and it does the exact same thing.

Any know problems here or a fix? I am running Vista 64 on both my office and home desktops with the same McAfee download from AOL and never have a problem. Do not know what version this is but it is what AOL gives you.

Help me if you can
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RE: New Forum member with a question

Looks like I should have read before posting:

This IS my problem, the same as others are having. Thank goodness it is not my new laptop!
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