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Need to skip backup drive

I have a 500G backup drive attached to my 250G laptop.  The backup drive is about 2/3rds full of compressed backup files (both Windows and Iomega/Retrospect).  VirusScan attempts to scan the drive and goes down for the count.  It makes progress, but I've let it run for three days without comnpleting.  Is there any way to get VirusScan (13.15) to skip that drive, or the specific file types used by the backup programs?  As it is, this problem makes VirusScan barely tolerable, and I'm strongly tempted to toss it when it comes up for renewal.

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Re: Need to skip backup drive

Unfortunately the home product will scan all available drives when doing an autoscan.   Manual scanning can be more selective.

We have asked for this feature and many others on numerous occasions, but so far it hasn't been implemented.

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