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Need help with Mcafee anti virus?

well first of all i really dont have the money to call someone to fix this problem. the problem is that i had mcafee for about a year now and it was running out of subscription so i used the free year promo code that came with our pc and when i downloaded it it removed previous versions of mcafee but failed to install the new one so i was left without a antivirus program. i went to support on mcafee and they said that the problem was i had a virus and i needed to get somone to fix it which i dont have money for. so i did a system restore and i have the mcafee program again but it is not working properly. i cant scan computer and it turns scanning off on its own and cant update. i was wondering if there was anything i could try to get it working right? what could i do? is it the virus causing this problem? could i download a program somewhere free to rid the virus just so i can install mcafee properly? is there any way out other than calling somone and being charged?

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Re: Need help with Mcafee anti virus?

This document should be able to help you with your issues

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Re: Need help with Mcafee anti virus?

Two possible problems here : one, maybe you do have a virus or other malware, especially if you're operating without any anti-virus protection. And two, if you tried to install McAfee over the top of an existing version then the previous installation's files and registry settings were probably not removed. There's a tool to do this - MCPR - which you should run before re-installing.

(Edited) Possibly also the pre-installation utility - see

If you haven't got any installed McAfee product (check in Add/Remove Programs to be sure and click Remove if there's an entry there) then run the MCPR tool. Follow the instructions given in

("How to uninstall or reinstall supported McAfee consumer products using the McAfee Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR.exe)") - in there is a download link for MCPR.

Before re-installing McAfee you should run a couple of scans, with Malwarebytes (free version) and Windows Live Safety Scanner. Both of these are on-demand scanners; you only have use of the Windows tool for a limited period (8 or 10 days) before it deactivates.

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Re: Need help with Mcafee anti virus?

You can't do a system restore to get rid of malware.

Run rkill, small executable, no need to install. READ THE DESCRIPTION. delete after you are clean.

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