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Need help on how to remove unwanted programs

After finishing a full scan I saw that there were 2 unwanted programs.  It did not porvide me the names of the unwanted programs nor were they listed in the control panel of programs.  I am now having dificulty and cannot intall Adobe Flash Player.  I had to unistall Adobe because it just kept on popping up everytime I entered a site!!!!!  I am thinking that maybe it is because of these unwanted programs--I just do not know!  Can anyone provide simiple guidence to this issue

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Re: Need help on how to remove unwanted programs

The actual name(s) of these Possibly Unwanted Programs or PUP's should be listed under 'Quarantined and Trusted Items' under 'Navigation' in SecurityCenter.

Can you check and let me know what they are called?

It's possible that you have spyware installed so I suggest running a full scan using the FREE version of THIS software.   Update before running and let it remove anything it finds, rebooting if necessary.

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