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My Antivirus Plus Isn't working properly

My antivirus plus is not working properly. I tried Re installing it. But still it remains same. When i tried installing it, the following message appears. Help me getting out of this.



We're having trouble installing your McAfee software. Please make sure you have JAvaScript installed on your PC, and that is working properly before continuing it.

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Re: My Antivirus Plus Isn't working properly

What security software did you use previously and when removed did you use their removal tool if available?

What operating system and service pack are you using and are you totally up to date with ALL updates, even for parts of it you may not use?

Try running the Preinstall tool then try again with the installation.

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Re: My Antivirus Plus Isn't working properly

Hi Saravanan,

Try the below steps,

  • Open the Internet Explorer , Click on Help>About Internet Explorer
  • The version , Cipher Strength Should be present
  • If its blank , then you may need to de-grade or upgrade  the Internet explorer based on your IE Version , because IE scripts got corrupted.
  • If IE9 is installed , Uninstall it using Programs & Features , so that IE8 will be loaded by default
  • Run the Preinstall tool and try with the Installation.


Raja Gopalan .S

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