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More Issues than TV Guide

I have been a subscriber to Mcafee for the last 10 years & this is the 1st time I have needed help & now can not get it.
1. Scanner freezes PC.
-----Have to force shut off. Task Manager doesn't come up.
2. Updater freezes PC.
-----Have to force shut off. Task Manager doesn't come up.
3. Will not give me files to d/l.
----Can not find server is error I get.
4. Some updates go back to 2006. Nothing more recent?
5. Virtual Technician can not be found.
-----Here is the Screen shot of that.

6. Wanted to get a fresh install. Can not give me the file.
----Can not find server.
-----Here is screenshot of that.

7. Wanted chat. Cannot find server.
8. Says Last scan was 12/24 2008. I did a full system in safe-mode yesterday, so this
info is incorrect.
9. Back up & restore do not work.

Here is what my about says.
Security Center
Version 9.0
Build 9.0.295
Last Update 11/13/2008.

Version 13.0
Build 13.0.218
Dat Version 5474
Last Update 12/24/08
Says last scan date was 12/24/08
This date is not accurate.
I did a full system scan in safe-mode yesterday.

There hasn't been an update more recent?

Read some forum posts & clicked relevant links only to be sent to Mcafee's homepage which DOESN"T WORK.

How can I get tech help when tech help doesn't work.
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Level 7

RE: More Issues than TV Guide

It works fine here.

If you're having problems openening up McAfee pages and links (and other AV vendor webpages too), then check if your computer's HOSTS file has been aleterd. You can find the file here (for XP):
- check any lines that contain "" - if these lines point to legitimate websites, delete the lines in question and then Save the file again.
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