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Mcaffee Will not open

So I got McAfee then later a downloaded something which gave me random stuff on my computer so I recovered it. I then tried to get McAfee again but then after I installed it I could not open it and it would not appear in the task bar. Hold on it did open yeah but I could not do anything with it and also I pressed scan and nothing happened. Also yeah the McAfee thing was not on my task bar. Then I saw other people post similar comments and a person had a link to a technical support thing so I did it and then it said I had 4 missing files, that was a problem that could not be resolved and I also scanned it again and again but the 4 missing files thing could not be resolved, but I do not understand what that means. Then I restarted my computer. McAfee was in the task bar but it will not open. Please help me.

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Level 7

Re: Mcaffee Will not open

To configure the Firewall in McAfee's:

  1. Dauble-click on the McAfee "M" icon in the Windows system try, or open McAfee from All Programs
  2. SelectFireall on the main screen
  3. Click on Setting (on the right side of the screen)
  4. Select "Internet Connections for Programs" and click the downward-pointing symbol (V) on the right
  5. Add or Edit CTI Navigator and CTI Update Manager to have Full Control (ensure this is not "Outbound-Only Access")