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Mcafee will no longer scan, computer slowed down! help

About 4 days ago i had the problem were mcafee wouldnt scan at all. i treid restart, didnt help. so then i did a system restore, that help for like 2 days, now my mcafee virus can wont work anymore. i have malwarebytes and have scanned multiple times, each time it says nothing has been detected. Now whats cray is my mom's computer just got the same exact problem today, now I'm upset & paranoid. I need help. is this a new virus/Trojan?  whats going on mcafee?Untitled11.jpg

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Re: Mcafee will no longer scan, computer slowed down! help

This is due to a faulty update being accidentally released over the weekend sometime.  

Read here: or here:

The faulty DAT has been withdrawn so no chance of getting the bad one back.

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