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Mcafee and Spybot S&D are they compatible ?

I have window7 and mcafee total protection 2010 I also have been running spybot s&d for a long time an no problem but the last 2 weeks or so mcafee doesn't want to work properly. went to a foum of mcafee and they said don't install [ tea timer ] in spybot s&d which I did but had the same problem with mcafee so in spybot s&d i did and un-immunize and tried that and still the problem, so i totally took spybot s&d off and reinstalled mcafee and it works ok...but i liked spybot s&d  now my question is did anyone else have a simular problem? or know of a compatable spyware remover that will work with mcafee running...and what do you think of windows defender?

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Re: Mcafee and Spybot S&D are they compatible ?

I use Spybot and McAfee all of the the time and have had no issues. I don't use teatimer as it doesn't seem to work well with McAfee. I also use Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware. The links are both of these programs are free and catches a lot of stuff.

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