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Mcafee Integrated Security Platform Installer stopped working

I've encountered the following error after downloading the DMsetup to install my Internet Security Suite from Mcafee site:

Mcafee Integrated Security Platform Installer has encountered a problem and needs to close.

I'm under Vista. I was infected by a bagle virus. I think it is eradicated, using the usual tools for it, but I still can't load Viruscan now.

Sorry for the language, I'm french

Can anybody help?

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No helpSmiley Sad
More of that, I sent an email to Mcafee support.
Only one answer. Re-install Window or contact the paying hot line.

Congratulations to Mcafee
You use an official soft
It doesn't detect a virus
You can't re-install the soft
You have to pay to have it working again

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yep 89.95 and your problems will be solved

same story since 1995
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