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McAfee scan stops half way through

My McAfee anti virus shuts down half way through a scan.   Any ideas how I can remove a virus using McAfee Total Protection?  The guys at Mcafee want me to pay for virus removal which strikes me as strange given the whole idea of buying McAfee anti virus is to prevent infection in the first place????   Presumably the worse the McAfee anti virus protection performs, the more they make on virus removal service!  Seems like a cool business model.

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Re: McAfee scan stops half way through

@ briancoyle,

                It is possible your McAfee installation has become corrupted. I recommend running the Latest Stinger (Read How to use),Getsusp,and followed up by Malwarebytes (Free) Version for another opinion.

                 Note; When running McAfee Getsusp, please remember to enter your Email address before Scanning.

                 These Superb (Free) tools can be found in the inserted Link below:


               In addition you can run the Latest McAfee Virtual Technician to scan for issues with your McAfee Product:


                   Should there be issues found by MVT, in which it could not resolve, you can follow the Guidelines/Instructions in this Link:


Note: I neglected to ask, does your McAfee scan (Stop) or Seemingly (Hang)? For there is a known issue in the past, that has a "Workaround"

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Re: McAfee scan stops half way through

The hang is at Finding rootkits  ( when they really mean looking for )

If not here follow CD's advice It may be necessary to uninstall reinstall your Mcafee product as per CDs last link

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Re: McAfee scan stops half way through


Please let us know if the previous suggestions resolved your issue with the Scanning Issue

Tom K3TG

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