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McAfee doesn't work at all for me.

Well, I purchased this McAfee Antivirus thing from Walmart, right. It's a little card with a code that is supposed to be redeemed for security and all that. I redeemed all fine and well, but Mcafee won;t download onto my computer at all. I I have no other firewall nor spyware to speak of as my Windows Defender won't work and all the free Antivrus programs I downloaded were infected with Malware and I had to delete all of them to get rid of the Malware. I originally had McAfee on my computer, but I thought it was also infested with Malware, so I deleted it. The Malware is apparently gone, as I no longer get any pop ups from it, but McAfee will not work. I downloaded the virtual technician thing, and it doesn't help at all. I have deleted and tried redownloading the setup, but it doesn't work. Everytime I try to download the set up thing, nothing will happen. I hit download, then I hit run on the first pop up, and it downloads, but nothing happens. I have tried saving it instead of just immediately running it, but nothing happens then either. It will download, but when I try to run it, nothing. This is very annoying as I have no protection on my computer, and I bought this darned Antivirus for apparently nothing.

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Re: McAfee doesn't work at all for me.

Try running a scan using the free version of THIS software, update before running and let it remove anything it finds.  Reboot immediately if it asks you to.

You may have to uninstall that software to allow McAfee to install.   But reinstall it later for future use.

Next download the MCPR McAfee software cleanup tool from Useful Links at the top of this page and reboot.  Try the installation again.

If it still fails I need to know what operating system and service pack this is, what installed RAM (memory) you have and how much free hard drive space is left.

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