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McAfee antivirus stops at 99@

I have already looked at this but when I try to open the user acces control prompt it only opens for a second and closes very fast.Are there any other options out there that can help me get past the scanned file (Rootkit) ?

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Re: McAfee antivirus stops at 99@

Moved to VirusScan for best support.

When the interface mentions rootkits it means that it's scanning for rootkits, not that it has found one.  However in your case it would seem that at least corruption has occurred in the software itself.

McAfee relies on an up-to-date system especially Internet Explorer.  On supported OS's that would be IE9 for Vista and IE11 for Windows 7 and 8/8.1.  IE does not have to be your default browser however.

But please ensure your system is up to date.

I suggest you uninstall via Control Panel/Programs and Features, run the MCPR cleanup tool, reboot and reinstall from your online account as per the "How to Uninstall....." link in my signature below:

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Re: McAfee antivirus stops at 99@

BTW another factor I forgot to mention, you must be logged into your computer as a user with Administrative abilities in order to change settings and do what I have suggested.

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Re: McAfee antivirus stops at 99@

Just took the words out of my mouth

I might add if I may, after following my colleague Ex_Brit excellent advice. If the Hanging/Pausing still persists, try running that Workaround again.

You should receive the latest Version available when Reinstalling, which after making certain your system is Current/Up to date. With the release of 13.6 should have resolved this issue. As being uncertain of your OS, and how you obtained your protection could determine what Version/Build.

Should it be XP by chance, the latest Version available is 12.8.

Just thought I would add that.

All the very Best


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