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McAfee all Protection -trusted files ?

I have McAfee all Protection running but when it sees files it does not trust it automatically puts them in the quaranteen. Problem is I know that I trust this file, after I go to quaranteen and click restore , McAffee 2 minutes later puts it back in quarateen. How can I stop this from happening ?

I can not find any optional settings to change this, please help.

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Re: McAfee all Protection -trusted files ?

The consumer version of the software only allows you to trust something if it's been labeled as a PUP (Possibly Unwanted Program).  Trusting of other detections is something we've been asking them to reintroduce for ages but so far no success I'm afraid.

I think the current consensus is that their are just too many threats out there to allow the average consumer to make decisions as to what is good and bad.

Until it becomes possible, which may be never with regular detections, please follow the procedures I outlined here:


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