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McAfee Virus Scan Plus Stops Offline Defragmentation of (Raxco) PerfectDisk 11 on PC

Boot time Defragmentation produces the following message:


Raxco PerfectDisk 11. Copyright (c)2010                                       |


Starting boot-time defragmentationpass.                                       |

Press ESC to terminate boot-timedefragmentation.                    |


Starting optimization for C:\                                                                 |

     Verifying...Done                                                                                |

     Analyzing...Done                                                                               |

     Defragmenting system files...Done                                              |

     Defragmenting pagefile...Done                                                    |


Your computer must be restarted.                                                      |

Hit any key to restart immediately.Restarting in  0 seconds.        |



If I Hit a key early, or let time runout this Freezes on this Screen with the Message inside the Dashed Lines.

Why does it do This?  Al Adams

P.S.  McAfee Support IS NO HELP,  Just a Waste of Time on the Phone, How Come NO email Support! 

This Sucks, I may have to Switch to NOD 32

Al Adams

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Re: McAfee Virus Scan Plus Stops Offline Defragmentation of (Raxco) PerfectDisk 11 on PC

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Re: McAfee Virus Scan Plus Stops Offline Defragmentation of (Raxco) PerfectDisk 11 on PC

The Raxco site has a Support section which lists a number of Known Issues. Their Knowledgebase has at least three articles dealing with problems similar to the one you are having - see the list at

The KnowledgeBase article that probably deals with your problem is - "When attempting to perform a boot time or offline defragmentation pass, I get a failed to open message, driver conflict message or Windows fails to start properly."

This article specifically notes a problem with a McAfee program (mfehidk.sys) and tells you what to do about it. The overall problem is that

3rd party products have drivers that open the drive for write access prior to PerfectDisk's boot time defrag being able to mount the drive for exclusive access. If the drive has been opened for write access, for safety reasons PerfectDisk will not perform the boot time defrag.

Please read the whole article, and follow the steps listed there.

If you still have the same problem after following those steps you should probably ask for advice in the Raxco forums, since you are more likely to get answers to any further questions about a Raxco product in their forum than you are here. The forum login is HERE.