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McAfee Scan stops at 96% and quits.

I have tried to do a full scan manually and with the scheduled scan, but it keeps stopping at 96%.  I contacted McAfee chat yesterday, and whatever they did still hasn't fixed it.  It'll get up to some file named HKU\S-1-5-21.... and then just stop.  It doesn't freeze.  A window pops up just long enough for me to see the window, but not to read it and then the scan stops.  According to the Security center, I haven't had a full scan in 30 days.

It was working fine until a month ago.  I looked back through some logs and found that there were a great number of Windows updates on 2/8, just three days after my last scan.  But, I don't know if they had anythign to do with it or which one it might have been.

Any help would be great!

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Re: McAfee Scan stops at 96% and quits.


Can you provide some more details on the computer like;
What  is the operating system ?
How old is the computer ?
Do you have any other security software installed in the computer ?
Was the computer infected by any malwares previously ?
Open security center and let me know the version of virus scan

Kindly get back with these details and we would help you proceed further

Dinesh K

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Re: McAfee Scan stops at 96% and quits.

Thread locked as assumed solved after 3 months.

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