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McAfee Internet Security: Installation cannot continue error

I'm trying to install McAfee Internet security (purchased via annual subscription - 3 user license) from the McAfee website on two Machines - one Windows 7 and one Windows 8. I am able to access my account and see all my subscriptions, but shortly after I click the download button I get an "installation cannot continue error".  I have tried everything I can think of.

Windows 8 machine details:

This is a brand new Fujitsu computer, which came with Norton Installed - which I removed via add/remove programs + I also ran their version of  the MCPR tool for cleanup.  The McAfee preinstall tool says there is no issue.  I did not run the MCPR on this Machine as there was no McAfee product installed. I am able to access my account and see all my subscriptions, but shortly after I click the download button I get an "installation cannot continue error".  The MVT tool did not help.

I called Tech support:   case no: 992112110  on 12/8/2012    and after 1.5 hrs on the phone she was unable to diagnose the problem. She tried ping tests to check for connectivity, forced the .dll's  jsscript, vbscript etc all to no avail.  I'm supposed to get a call back from Level 2 support  , but I'm not confident this will happen.

Windows 7 machine details.:

Next I tried a Windows 7 machine (that had a working copy of McAfee Anti Virus Plus) set to expire in Jan 2013. This is also a multi-user license. I un-installed it  with add remove programs, ran MCPR tool: got an incomplete uninstallation message. Looked at the log, and didn't see anything significant, so I ran the pre-install tool and it said all is OK. So I tried to download the Internet security (new) subscription onto this machine, but got the same "Installation cannot continue" error as on the Windows 8 machine - that never had McAfee installed on it. I tried the MVT tool and it pointed out the same error as the Windows 8 machine and did not help. 

Given that the installation fails exactly the same way on both machines, I suspect that the problem is with my account and not with my machines, but have no way to prove this.   Anyone had this problem ? I did see someone else had a similar issue, and it turned out to be an account problem.   I've been a McAfee user for 7 years , and never had serious issues like this.  I now have 2 unprotected machines, and even with a paid subscription I cannot install the software ....  very frustrating !!

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Re: McAfee Internet Security: Installation cannot continue error

OK - update: after numerous calls to tech. support, I was finally able to get through to L2 support. Turns out I was correct and there was nothing wrong with either of my computers. The issue was (at least that is what the tech. said), that my subscription information on their server was corrupt and hence it was not allowing me to download the software. He created a new account and migrated my information to that account and viola ! I was able to download and install on both machines incident free........  2 days wasted for something that wasn't even a problem at my end.

I hope this helps anyone else searching for a solution.....  don't assume the problem is always at your end, it seems McAfee's subscription servers can also have issues.

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