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McAfee Antivirus Plus - Bottom Row Interface Icons Don't Respond


I've ran MAP for years.  If there were issues, reinstall or reinstall executing post removal and preinstall checks solved the issue.

I updated a month ago to this years version of MAP and then reinstalled with post clean ups and reinstall prechecks due to the following issue.

When my Win 7 (fully patched) PC comes up, I can open the Anitvirus Console, click on and execute anything in the interface.  All works fine.

If my computer runs all day, I open the MAP Console and try to click on any of the interface's bottom row icons, then nothing happens.  The mouse pointer changes to indicate you can click "Run a scan", "application updates", "remove cookies", but nothing happens when the icons are clicked.

As indicated, I reinstalled with all checks and cleanups.  The PC runs fine otherwise on all apps and Windows OS apps, just MAP doesn't.


Thanks in advance,


Superior, CO