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Manual scan always reports zero files scanned

I am running Windows XP SP 2
AMD Athlon XP 2.4GHz
1 GB of RAM

Security Center 9.0, build 9.0.295
VirusScan 13.0, build 13.0.218, DAT Version 5488.0000
Personal Firewall 10.0, build 10.0.209

Everything is up-to-date as of this afternoon.

When I right-click on a file or folder for a manual scan, it goes away to think about it for awhile, then gives me this report:


We finished a manual scan of your computer and there are no remaining items that require your attention. Remember, you can always start a full scan to thoroughly check for threats on your PC.

Items Scanned: 0
Items Detected: 0
Items Fixed: 0
Items Quarantined: 0
Items Remaining: 0

Quick scan works, full scan works, scheduled scan works, the 'let me choose' scan works, just not the context-menu scan. It doesn't matter whether I click on a single file or an entire folder; I get the same result.

Can anyone help? I had had a similar problem before when I was running Windows 2000
eventual solution:
but I was running a different OS then and it's always possible the causes are different.

I upgraded to Windows XP in approximately October and till recently hadn't had a need to do a manual scan, so I couldn't tell you if/when it ever was functioning properly since the VirusScan reinstall.

I have not attempted to reinstall McAfee yet and wouldn't like to try except as a last resort but if that's what it takes, I'll do it.

Does anyone have any advice?
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RE: Manual scan always reports zero files scanned


we are really sorry for the inconvenience. Do you still have the same issue?

If you have please let me know if are able to do manual scan in the safe mode or safe mode with networking

You can also try performing the DOS scan in the system.
•Windows XP system:

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