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MTP updating to previous dat version

Ok I have windows xp home edition service pack 3. I am using McAfee total protection 2011 version and this afternoon after getting an email stating dat files are ready to be downloaded I downloded and installed superDAT 6396 file around 3pm Ohio time. Then at around 7:30pm this evening automatic updates notified me of updates ready to be downloaded and installed. This update took some time to download and I thought I was getting a major update. WRONG!!! It downloaded and installed previous 6395 dat. So thinking something might be wrong with 6396 dat I went back to the website and 6396 was still there and redownloaded and installed 6396 superDATfile again. Why is this 2011 version total protection puting yesturdays dat back in? 2010 version did this alot also putting previous dat versions in. I turned off automatic updates in 2010 version and looks like I will have to turn it off again if this is going to happen often.


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Re: MTP updating to previous dat version

Hi Jerry,

By having the Automatic updates enabled, McAfee regularly updates and installs the current version of DAT available and helps in completing this cycle regularly. A superDAT is concerned mostly for troubleshooting where If you are concerned that you might have a virus and your DAT files are out of date, or the threat is blocking your updates, you can download the SuperDAT on another computer and the use a a CD or USB drive to copy it to your computer.   Installing SuperDAT in other words is manually pushing a DAT which is expected to come over in the succeeding days .


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