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Last Update Check

I'm also new on here and basically having the same problem as Steveo46 - my DAT files are out of whack, presently running 2 updates behind the latest version.  My McAfee is through my MSN Dial-Up (major problem there!) and each update takes in excess of 3 hours providing I don't do anything else.  If I do attempt to pull up something else, I have found that the update sometimes stops but eventually will start ALL OVER again so it seems like I will never be current.  This happened not only with vso_dat updates but also the VirusScan update.

I've never had this problem before, quick updates came down daily and installed themselves with no problem.  The problem came to my attention about a week ago when it said I hadn't updated in over 8 days.  Very confusing since the update icon had continued to appear daily.  Only problem I can tie this to is the failure of Microsoft Security Update KB953297 to install.  My McAfee problems started right after that, sometime during the last week in October.

At this stage of the game, I don't know what to believe.  McAfee Security Center says I am fully protected but how can this be if Virtual Technician has found my DAT files are not up to date.  What do I do to fix this problem once and for all?

Moved to your own thread as this is not quite the same issue as Steve046 - Mod.

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Re: Last Update Check

My message was supposedly moved to another thread, http://community/ but I get an error message when I try to link to it so I would appreciate the info being passed on to Jubo.  I was unable to locate the new thread myself.

Info Jubo wants is as follows:

Security Center Version 9.15, Build 9.15.135, AffID: 420, Lang: en-us. Language Pack 9.15.109, Last Update 10/22/09

Virus Scan Version 13.15, Build 13.15.102, AffID: 420, Lang: en-us, Language Pack 13.15.101, Last Update 11/4/2009, DAT Version 5792.0000, DAT Creation Date 11/4/2009, Eng. Version 5301.4018

Personal Firewall Version 10.15, Build 10.15.103, AffID: 420, Lang: en-us, Language Pack 10.15.101, Last Update 10/22/09

This product offered through the MSN Member Center.  I am running Windows XP, MSN Dial-Up on a 56K modem.  The initial download for all 3 parts took approximately 3 hours in total; lately the updates for the Virus Scan portion itself have been taking close to that themselves if they even get to 100%.  Very puzzled by the Last Update for VirusScan showing above as 11/4 because it completed downloading last night (11/6) but the vso_dat portion didn't finish; I'm assuming that it never got to the installation point.  At this moment, VirusScan is downloading again.

At this point, I don't know if I am better off uninstalling the entire product and starting from scratch.  Like I previously stated, at this point I have no confidence in how protected I am.  The only Windows problem I am aware of is Microsoft Update KB953297 will not install and I haven't figured out how to resolve that problem yet.

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