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Is VirusScan 14.x Windows only?

I tried searching through the forums thinking this was asked before, but I did not find anything that quite matched my inquiry.  I currently have a 3 license McAfee subscription, and it works fine because all of my machines are Windows based (Vista or 7).  However, I am considering moving my desktop to Linux (probably Ubuntu or Mandriva), and as far as I can tell I will not be able to just install VirusScan on a Linux machine with an existing license, mostly because it seems the only Linux compatible distribution McAfee offers is in the Enterprise category.

Is this accurate?  Or is there a separate branch of consumer VirusScan that is compatible with Linux?

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Re: Is VirusScan 14.x Windows only?

Yes it's only compatible with Windws XP SP2 or later (x86 only), Vista x86 or x64 & Windows 7 x86 or x64.

There is a VirusScan Enterprise specifically made for Linux:

Questions regarding that should go here:

With all Enterprise/Business products multiple licensing is required so they tend to be a lot more expensive.

There are probably 30-day trials available however.

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