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Installed Virus Scan can't connect to internet

I'm trying to help my sister out in different state.  She had a virus and installed VirusScan.  After she did that she cannot connect to the internet.  She said there is an "X" on her Mcafee icon in the sys tray.  I would love to help her, but I don't have Mcafee.  Any advice or is there a toll free number she can call to get help.  She was able to access internet prior to install.  OS is XP. 2 Gig Ram, SP??? I'll find out later tonight, but I'm guessing it's still at SP2 that I installed a while ago.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Installed Virus Scan can't connect to internet


Check to her that if she having any other antivirus also on the same PC (u required to uninstalled that before installing Mcafee or now).

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Re: Installed Virus Scan can't connect to internet

Hi Jeff,

Updating your SP3 could be one possibility, But You can try a few steps

Step 1 : Open McAfee security center

Step 2 : Click on ' Internet and Network ' -> Click Configure on the right side panel

Step 3 : Click Advanced under Firewall protection is enabled.

Step 4 : Click Restore firewall defaults on the Left side panel

Step 5 : Click Restore Defaults.

Restart the computer and check.

If it still doesn't work

Click on Start -> Click Run

Type CMD

Click Ok

In the Black Prompt window

Try Ping www.{any website name}.com

If you see anything that says Replay 4 times on the screen , that means that Internet connection is present but something might be blocking it.

If it says disconnected or any other message

Then type

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

Restart the computer and check..

I hope the information above is useful for you


Mary Christmas.. !!

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Re: Installed Virus Scan can't connect to internet


Please clarify and follow the steps suggested below

Can you provide the version of McAfee you are running on the system?

How do you connect to the internet (Cable,DSL , wireless…. )?

If steps suggested by Mahesh didn’t work then, try to boot the computer in safe mode with networking let us know if the issue persist with internet connection. (Restart the computer and Tap the F8 button while system is booting up -> you would be getting windows advance menu options –> select Safe mode with networking)

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