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Install spy on my PC

How can I install a keylogger on my OWN computer using McAfee keeping all other security? I mean without uninstalling services from McAfee!

I could install it but then I received a notification that my computer wasn´t totally protected. That was due to the fact that I disabled somethings.

In other terms, I want to run my spy program on my computer and still being protected against another similar programs and without notifications.

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RE: Install spy on my PC

You would have to send it to Avert Laboratories in the hope they issue you an extra.dat to stop the detection, otherwise you are out of luck, sorry, Keylogging software, by its very nature, is considered spyware.

Send a file to Avert for analysis:
Email file to:
When submitting samples via E-mail all samples must be packaged in a .ZIP file. When creating this .ZIP file, it is important to understand that the .ZIP can be no more than 3 megabytes in size and can contain no more than 30 files. Additionally, any .ZIP file created must be password-protected using the password "infected" (minus the ""). Failure to follow these guidelines will cause your submission to be rejected.
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