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Install mcafee antivirus plus

Hello,I have one Pc, with expired producto, I already  bought a new boxwiththis product,When I try to install it pass some errors, and stop with status of trying to activate product. I thougt that cd couldn't have the software updated. So I remove products with mcpr, and download the product from macfee page support. When I try to intall , I give my email and password, but he refuse because there isn't valid product in my account.So I open my account and try to transfer the product, like support example. But the only option I have in my accountto optio to buy a new one. But I already bought the box with cd inside. My question is how can I activate the product that I bought, since the cd inbox is not working?

thanks, regards.

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Re: Install mcafee antivirus plus


You;ll have to use the CD to install it but Technical Support should be able to assist you if it doesn't work.  They are free to phone or chat with online - see the link under Useful Links at the top of this page - Portuguese service is only available Monday to friday 0900-1700 however.

Meanwhile can you tell me what operating system and service pack are you using?  Also whaT VERSION OF iNTERNET eXPLORER ARE YOU USING?

(McAfee relies on an up to date version of IE and all its add-ons, regardless of your default browser)..

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