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I'm not understanding this.

Hi all,

I recently kept getting a error report message at least once per day that pops up every time I strat up the computer. I'm currently using Windows XP service packet 3. I also got something saying Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger has encountered a problem and need sto be closed. This is all puzzling to me, any ideas how to fix this error reports I keep getting? I did ask Microsoft one time and when McAfee scans my computer every Friday, it comes up clean with zero problems. Thank you.

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Re: I'm not understanding this.

If you Google "Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger has encountered a problem" minus the "" of course you get lots of hits.  This is more of a Windows issue than McAfee's.

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Re: I'm not understanding this.


Sounds like the Windows installation is a little ragged.  The best thing you can do besides re-formatting is by inserting your windows disk into the CD-ROM, go to Start/Run and type in "sfc /scannow", windows will look for damaged files and possible solve the problem altogether.  Keep in mind the virus removal is VERY different from damage control, just because the virus is no longer present, doesn't mean the computer is fully operational.  Viruses write irresversable code to the registry.  This is the main source of frustration with viruses.  If all else fails, format, there i said the "F" word.

Also, if you decide to format, be sure to back up everything your gonna want after, formatting is a final process.

Best of luck

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