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I THINK IM GOING CRAZY...Can someone hack into your computer and take it over????

HI all thanks for letting me come visit you all,

I am running a Dell 1558 Inspiration Laptop w/Windows 7 64bit.

Maybe I'm crazy but I had a virus about a month ago, thought I took care if it but all of the sudden I notice strange things happening to my configuration. All of the sudden there are 2 or 3 "C" drive’s , there are files that are locked that I am the owner of, all of my picture files were locked in what appeared to be some type of filter, and my cox mega internet connection with no sharing became a network.

So I did a system restore, and that did nothing, now 2 factory reboots and loading only the minimal programs and software within a day is restored to exactly the same as before!!!

Has anyone heard of this, my friends all thought I am crazy (am I?)

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Re: I THINK IM GOING CRAZY...Can someone hack into your computer and take it over????

I assume you have McAfee installed? Boot up into Safe Mode with Networking and go to Microsoft Updates, download any Microsoft updates including the Optional ones, then do a check for McAfee updates. Reboot back into Safe Mode and do a full McAfee scan (right-click on My Computer, or the equivalent on your desktop).

It looks like you've got a malware infection of some sort and, yes, botnet herders can take over your machine and make it do what they want. Normally though they don't make so much noise when they do it, it kind of defeats the object of the exercise, which is to keep hidden while your machine is being quietly pwned. Maybe this is a bungling amateur (let's hope).

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