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How to verify Dat version on VirusScan s/w ?

1)  How do I Read the DAT version of the VirusScan I have in my computer ?  I've had the McAfee VirusScan on one of my older computers and only recently (4 days ago) re-validated my subscription.... which is still good thru mid June/10.

2)  I ran a long VirusScan on this computer with no viruses found....Smiley HappySmiley Happy     But, having done that, How do I know if my DAT version is current?

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Re: How to verify Dat version on VirusScan s/w ?

I assume you have the home version.  If it is a square taskbar icon then you have the 2009 version.  Double-click the icon to open SecurityCenter, then click About in the lower right-hand corner to get version numbers for everything installed.

If the taskbar icon is shield-shaped then you have the 2010 product - double-click to open and then click Navigation (top right), then click About (left).

If you have Enterprise (Business) software you will have to repost here:

By the way, if you compare DAT numbers between what you have and what is published on McAfee's Business product website there is often a discrepancy as DAT's take time to appear on all servers and are even withdrawn sometimes.   The information on the website is for information only and is intended for business product customers only.

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