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How to reply to a reply?

I can't seem to find a way to respond so I will have to do it this way. I can't use the Virtual Technician as it won't 'initialise' and stays stuck in the initialising phase,  probably because 'Real time scanning' is off. I am also not happy to have my computer on for so long when it is not protected! I've no idea how to get past this 'catch 22' situation!

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Re: How to reply to a reply?

Hi amelise,

To reply to post  all you have to do is , logon to and search for your respective thread that you have created ! Else, click on  the link on the automatic email triggered from your thread (then login with your credentials) and click reply to add a post.

To fix Real time scanning is disabled, please follow the steps here:

Please continue on your original thread here :


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