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How to install .dat files for latest threat detection?

I am using McAfee Internet Security and is up to date. But McAfee failed to detect few threats which are are detected by almost all other antivirus as I checked the files by uploading them at

Details of McAfee Internet Security:-

Version: 14

Release Name: 14.0 R12

McAntivirus and AntiSpyware:

version: 19

Build: 19.0.3069

Engine version: 2904.0

Last Update: 01-03-2017

McAfee Security Center:

version: 15.

Build: 15.3.3079

So I decided to send the samples to McAfee Labs ( as mentioned in McAfee website. I zipped them in password protected archive. After few hours I got a reply that few of them are detected with latest .dat files and the rest are sent for analysis. A .dat file is attached in the mail and it has been instructed to install in a specified directory. But I was not able to locate the path. I have attached a screenshot of the email.

Please guide me on this. Alternatively kindly tell me where can I send undetected samples so that they are added to virus database of McAfee. Thanks in advance.





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