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How to disable a security warning?

I get a warning popup window when I visit "The current webpage is trying to open a site in your Trusted sites list. Do you want to allow this?" (In this case the current site is and the trusted site is res://ieframe.dll). It pops up three times in a row when I click a hotlink button. I have to click yes 3 times to clear it away. How do I prevent this warning window from appearing?
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RE: How to disable a security warning?

The issue you described is an Internet Explorer misconfiguration or damaged files problem. I suggest you reset your Internet Explorer, reset IE's security zones and sites, and if the problem persists, re-install IE7 or IE8 (It is safe to install IE 7 on top of IE7).

Reset IE Security Zones - Inside IE, Tools Menu, Internet Options. Click the Security Tab, then click the Reset all zones to default level. Then click the "Trusted Sites" Icon. Click the Sites button and remove everything that you haven't specifically entered with valid cause.

Full reset of IE (Includes the reset of IE Security Zones)
Inside IE, Tools Menu, Internet Options. Click the Advanced Tab, then click the Reset... button atthe bottom. Confirm by pressing the reset button in the new dialog box that appears.

IE 7
IE 8
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