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Re: Help!

Hello Catie2010,

Please follow this proposed document that would help you in dealing with an infected computer.

Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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Re: Help!


In addition to following the recomendations in the document Dinz has sent to you if the problem still exists, I would recommend you uninstall Malwarebytes from the computer. I would also suggest you download this program from a non infected pc to a usb stick and when you download it, rename the download and installation files to something you can easily remember as virus and malware are written to self protect it self, so by renaming the files, your infected pc will not see these as a threat thus allowing the installation to proceed. After installation, check for the latest updates and run the program and let it clean everything it finds and reboot the computer.

Let us know how this goes for you.

on 8/13/10 6:16:02 PM EDT
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Re: Help!

Thank you-

My biggest initial obstacle is getting it to start in safe mode to even do any trouble shooting.

It just keeps blocking everything.

When I access safe mode it turns to a blue screen and won't restart or do anything..?


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