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Help, please! Problems with McAfee dat file

My office computer detected from my pen drive  a virus today called w32.pilleuz!gen1. When I came back home I made sure my computer had updated virus definitions, made a virus scan of the computer, made a scan from the pen drive and nothing showed up. Everything appeared AOK. However, I went into the McAfee site and searched the options to fix the virus, downloaded a DAT file called 5646xdat and when I tried to execute it, a window appears with a message saying I do not a the McAfee registered product.

I went online to customer service, thinking this was simple, but it was not. The customer service agent cannot help with this and was unable to answer the simple question as to what does that mean?

I was told to call but I discovered the services have a fee.

I am upset and tired. This is a simple problem. My McAfee product has a mere 2 months. My computer has barely 4 months.

I don't understand how my office system would alert me and the home computer would not. My system had been updated.

I think this is a trojan. I want it out of my computer, but do not know how to work with the McAfee programs. I used  to have  Norton, and one would simply download and it would be fine. But with McAfee I download and cannot run it. And there is no tech support for this????


Please someone help.


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Re: Help, please! Problems with McAfee dat file

Those DAT and SDAT downloads are for Enterprise products not Home.   Just right-click the taskbar icon and select Updates to do it manually.

If  nothing showed on your pendrive then it has probably already been  quarantined.  Open SecurityCenter and click Navigation at top right.

Then click Quarantined and Trusted Items and in those areas once expanded it's probably sitting.

Have you tried putting your pendrive into another machine and see if anything is detected.

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