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Help Needed - Active Protection causes slow file behaviour

Hello I hope someone can help me.  I have found that some files, particularly PDF files, are very slow to open, move, copy etc. when Mcafee is active (say 30sec). 

This occurs within Outlook 2010 and generally within Windows Pro 64bit file handling.   I discovered that if I disabled Virus Scan the problem went away.

I then re-installed Adobe Reader and completely uninstalled and re-installed Mcafee....same issue again.

So with more digging I learnt that Active Protection is the culprit.   Disabling this and leaving the rest of Mcafee active fixes the problem.

This is not ideal so if anyone has any suggestions as to what I might try to correct this that would be highly appreciated.



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Re: Help Needed - Active Protection causes slow file behaviour

What configuration does Your computer has?

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