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Help Logging in

We just got a laptop and it had McAfee on it and I got it logged on and downloaded and everything but it wouldn't finish because we didn't have Internet on it yet! Well we finally got Internet and clicked on the McAfee icon and got it finished and now these 'bubbles' on my screen pop up saying "You have (so many) days left to log in or McAfee will cancel" but when we try and log in it says the username or password is wrong! but its not. So we changed it and it STILL says its wrong. We called McAfee but it didn't help.

BUT! Before we hung up, I had mentioned I was searching for something and McAfee Virus Protection came up and said There was something wrong with the page and logged the page off, thank goodness! But I told him I didn't understand because it did that and I wasn't logged in but the bubbles still pop up.

What can I do to make McAfee work?

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Re: Help Logging in

I recommend placing a call to McAfee Tier 1 support for TOPs. McAfee will be able to get you logged in and to also get the product functional on your system. If you encounter problems doing so request that the case be escalated to a Tier 2 engineer.

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