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Game file being detected as trojan


Reccently i have been having a problem with a game, Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, which i purchased from steam. One of the required bits to play online is to have BattlEye, an anti-hack/cheat program, which it installs in the initial download of the game. However, every time i try to run the BattlEye setup, McAfee immediately quarantines the file. When i go to the quarantined item list, BattlEye is there labeled as a trojan. When i go to restore it and try running the setup again, it just continuously quarantines the file. Is there any way for McAfee NOT to recognize BattlEye as a trojan so it can run when i play Arma 2: OA? Also, i have tried sending the file to McAfee but it just says the file is too large.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Game file being detected as trojan  Another way of submitting the file in question, is to Restore the file again. And run the latest McAfee Gestsusp tool.  Please remember to add your Email Address under preferences , before  scanning.

All the best,

McAfee Volunteer
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