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Fixed versus Quarantined Files

During my last virus scan, I checked the progress of the scan. In the bubble text above the scanning icon on task bar, the summary said Fixed: 0 and Quarantined: 2. I checked the Quarantined folder and noticed several quarantined (.bup) files since the beginning of the year. In other posts, a Quarantine Manager was mentioned, but I have not been able to locate it in Security Center. I am running the full suite, Total Protection 2009, and do not access Virusscan directly. There are not a lot options available. Reports & Logs did not show anything relevant either. If I had not checked progress, I would not have been aware of this. If there had been a pop-up warning, it did not stay until I saw it and clicked okay to close. Is there somewhere I could turn this on if available?

Files are quarantined when they cannot be fixed. What should I do about them? Send them to McAfee? I would not trust a regular Windows delete to the Recycle Bin. I have an Incineration program with a Dept of Defence rating. Would this be sufficcient to get rid of them?

Also, I noticed the last two files (presumably the 2 quarantined files) were 73 mb. What kind of malware would that be? Two backup (.bup) files were created at 3:20pm and again at 4:53pm.

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RE: Fixed versus Quarantined Files

I can't even guess as to what they are. You can view the Quarantine Folder in Security Center.

Double-click the taskbar icon to open Security Center
Click Advanced Menu (bottom left)
Click Restore (left)
Click Files (right)

There should be a list of them there and you can restore them, or submit to McAfee, or remove them altogether.

It's up to you to decide as these are files that VirusScan is unsure about.

Normal deletion is usually sufficient but using a programme like you mentioned is probably more sure.
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