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Firewall will not stay on

My firewall will not stay on... the security center  keeps popping up and when you turn the firewall on it clicks right back off.

Looks like this is a common problem with lots of threads, though I've searched through them and can't find a root cause for my problems.  I don't appear to have the conserv.dll anywhere.  I figured it was a rootkit, so I've run Malewarebytes, hitman pro, antizeroaccess, and Rkill and all of them have found nothing. 

The only symptom I've found on my computer (other than that firewall won't stay on) is that my history on internet explorer is blank.  Otherwise no indications anything is wrong. 

Any ideas? 

FYI - I'm running Windows 7 with McAfee security center 11.0

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Re: Firewall will not stay on

A couple of thoughts

1. Have you ever had another AV or firewall installed. Also was it working fine up to now?

2. Try Getsusp and stinger. Both do not update so you need to redownload them to get updates Getsusp will check your files and forward any suspicious to Mcafee for further investigation Ensure you add your email address to the preferences.

Sringer is updated week days.

McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware, Malware & Hijacker Tools

3. Tried resetting IE to defaults?

4. Have you run MVT the virtual technician iet is on the tech support page

You can then contact support ,it is free and see if they see any cause.

5. Finally have you tried uninstalling Mcafee fully and reinstalling it?

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Re: Firewall will not stay on

Tony, I posted yesterday with the same problem and then saw this posting.  I've also looked at several others.  It is such a common problem that I wonder why Mcafee hasn't evaluated carefully and come up with a solution.


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Re: Firewall will not stay on

You can also check event viewer and check out windows logs. See if you can find any plugin or siftware that is posing a conflict on this. It's under Administrative tools.

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Re: Firewall will not stay on

Hello, I expreienced the exact same issue and have spent the last two hours dealing with it.

Finally got through to a mcafee CSR who dealt exclusively with Dell customers.

First we tried a complete uninstal/reinstall of SecurityCenter, which did not fix the problem.

Then he did a remote takeover of my system and ran some kind of registry editing utility on my system, which he said was designed by McAfee, and the problem was fixed.

I'm not sure what the utility was called or if it is available to non-Mcafee employees, but I would recommend callng customer support!

He also said the problem was actually with Windows Firewall, not SecurityCenter.

Hope this helps!

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