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File flagged by McAfee but NOT flagged by McAfee

I ran Microsoft's free online scanner across my PC. It detected a single hit in a temporary folder named something like pdf.pdf - theoretically a PDF exploit. I then went to and ran its free single-file scan that uses a couple dozen different virus scanners on that file and a handful of them also flagged the file as a PDF exploit. Among the scanners that flagged it was "McAfee" with DAT file 5876. I then right-clicked on the file and selected "Scan" with my own install of McAfee Virusscan and there was no hit - the file was said to be clean.

I use McAfee Security Suite supplied to customers of Cox Internet - in this case it is using Virusscan 13.15 using DAT file 5877 on a Windows XP Pro box.

My question, of course, is why is there a difference in flagging of a file by VirusScan depending on where the VirusScan is residing and how do I, if necesary, correct this?

[as a personal aside - it's somewhat dismaying that only a handful of scanners flagged this file out of whatever large set of scanners virustotal has available]

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