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False Positive?

I've been trying to use a program known as texmod which can be used to replace the textures for different games(including online ones). The program itself is not detected as a virus but it seems to be that it creates some temporary files which are detected. I have searched around the internet and I have not heard one case of someone having a problem with this program.

I spent hours trying to get it to work but because it was putting the temporary files in quarantine(without even alerting me) it never worked. The temporary files were detected as a PWS-Mmorpg.gen. It is true that I was using texmod to modify an MMORPG but that does not make it a password stealer. If I wanted a program deleting my files without telling me I'd just download a virus :mad:

Not only that but only about half of the files were removed(which was already enough to keep texmod from working). This makes me wonder what kind of terrible job McAfee does at removing real problems :mad:. If I manually scanned the files it left it detected those as trojans and deleted them too.

And of course texmod works perfectly when I turn off McAfee.
So is there anyway I can keep McAfee from removing these files or am I going to have to delete this terrible waste of memory.

Edit-McAfee now suddenly started detecting the actual texmod.exe as a New
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