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Extremely slow full scan

McAfee began it's weekly scan on Thursday morning and after 48 hours it is still only 64% complete (1.4M items scanned so far).  Is it normal to take this long?  I assume the latest version of the anti-virus software is automatically downloaded to my machine but how can I verify this?

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Re: Extremely slow full scan

You can verify your McAfee installation by running the McAfee Virtual Technician http://mvt.mcafee,com/ and to check the version numbers open SecurityCenter by double-clicking the taskbar icon and then selecting 'About" (older versions from some 3rd party suppliers you have to click Navigation and then About).

McAfee may be having trouble getting past disk read errors.

Go to Start/Start Search and type cmd

Right-click cmd and select Run as Administrator

Type in chkdsk /r (with the space) and click Enter

It will say it can't continue because the volume is in use, try at restart Y/N?

Type Y and click the Enter key.  Reboot and let it do its thing.

If you have more than one drive letter - i.e. several partitions and the system you are using isn't C: then type chkdsk X: /r (spaces included and alter X to whatever).

Another block is often when there are ovely compressed files, i.e. compressed files within compressed files.   It sometimes takes forever to unpack them.  A compressed hard drive can also be a slow down.

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