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External links getting blocked in Facebook

This problem seems to have started in the last couple of days. Basically, any external links I add to my Facebook profile to only one of my websites get blocked by a security message. I've done a check and there doesn't appear to be any viruses or malware present. Also, if I install site advisor, when I go to my website is also reflects the website as being dangerous. Can someone please shed some light on what is going on.

This is the website in question

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Re: External links getting blocked in Facebook

Yes, I see it.

You're rated Red in SiteAdvisor. One negative review dating from 2009 : how long has your site been up and running?

In the TrustedSource information the problem is with "Web Reputation", a category which covers a multitude of sins. Could be absolutely anything, from a previous user of your IP address with a bad history, to a problem with your hosting provider, to a malware-detecting service somewhere flagging your site for some obscure reason. WhoIs says you've had 5 IP addresses in 5 years, so that might be relevant.

You'll need to take this up with SiteAdvisor and/or TrustedSource. For TrustedSource,

If you want to address an issue with a website rating in SiteAdvisor that is based on McAfee's TrustedSource Web Reputation, please go toTrustedSource Feedback and use the web form to contact the TrustedSource team.

If you want to track your requests or be notified via email, you can register for a free account.

The SiteAdvisor contact details and Appeals Process are in this document

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