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Error in scan

I am getting an error occured during scan,please go to home page and start scan again.i have bought the laptop recently which has mcafee installed for one year.I got the one month back.Till now i am not able to scan.I dont have my activation number.if i need to reinstall from where i have to get my product information

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Re: Error in scan

Hi there,

Please run the McAfee Virtual technician and check if all components are installed fine ?

Additionally, let us know the below information :

Operating system ?

Browser version : Open Internet explorer – Click on Help – Click on About Internet Explorer

Please let us know the error message that you receive during the scan


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Level 7

Re: Error in scan


I have run the Mcafee virtual technician and it is showing that viruscan15.0.288,security center 11.0.543,personal firewall 12.0.332,antispam 12.0.269 needs to be upgraded..These are the problems which MVT could not fix.

my operating system is windows7

interent-windows internet explorer 9


Error-An unexpected problem occurred during your scan.

Please click ok to go back to the home page and then try running your scan again.

How can i update the things which could not be fixed by MVT..Do i need to contact the dell people and ask them to reinstall Mcafee

or is there any way i can solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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