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Easy solving problem of the latest wrong update of 21 April

I spent a whole evening trying to figure out what happend, was thinking of a virus

Then I found on internet what happend, downloaded a dat file, copied it didnthelp,

the directory given did not exist ( i have mcafee total protection 2010)

What solved was the following

1) I started in safe mode, and copied scvhost.exe back to c:\windows\system32

2) I restarted again in safe mode and managed to delete the whole program

    in start-setting-control panel-add/remove programs

3) I reinstalled the program

I tried to communicate this to mcafee but cannot get through

it took me some hours of trying to find it, if it settles your problems and you want to show your gratitude

send a donation via paypal to e.versteege at ,If its less thant 0,50 cents it does not cover the cost,

5 dollar would be ok if it saves you bigger corst and dont feel obliged. Having a thankful heart is also good.

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Re: Easy solving problem of the latest wrong update of 21 April

I amended your header and thanks for posting.

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Re: Easy solving problem of the latest wrong update of 21 April

Easy when you know what it is and how

When confronted with a computer with no task bar,  no windows key to get to programmes.

No internet connection

Flaky windows

No restore points & last good configuration

All your thinking about is backing up urgent data - no copy paste, no drag and drop and no why to get data off

Yes I do back up ... to separate usb hard drive.

I'm now £70 out of pocket getting this fixed.  When I was able to get my hands on a computer to get to the internet I WAS WISE !!

But tell me that yesterday morning and PC World.

In order to have fixed my own computer I would have required the KNOWLEDGE AND access to the internet.

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Re: Easy solving problem of the latest wrong update of 21 April

If there is an empty screen , try cntrl alt del, or right mouseclick in the bottom row, to get into task manager, and in application sgo to new task and type explorer or explorer.exe

This will bring the desktop often back.I found there was a problem with Mcafee when I saw the news on internet, Then I typed in google: update mcafee and found supposed solutions which did not help me, I found the above solution, which solved the problems ( no internet, no way of running programs, no way of installing or de-installing programs) .

If there are still thousands of pc's not working they should try the solution that worked for me (XP professional servicepack 3, , mcafee total protection)

So broadcast it further

So start up in safe mode

Copy back scvhost.exe to c:\programs files\system32

Restart in safe mode, remove mcafee, and install it again

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