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EXTREMELY slow scheduled scan....

I am curious if anyone else is experiencing extremely slow scanning with the McAfee recenlt releases of the software?

Realizing there have been quite a few new "nasty" things released, I am concerned about my 5:00am scheduled scan. It has been running since 5:00am and it is now 11:10pm and it is only 77% complete.

This is the first I have tried to use the PC all day. That is except for locking down the firewall in case there is something not found yet that may be trying for internet access.

Here is my system info:

AMD Athlon 64 x2, Dual-Core 3800+ Processor
200MHz system Bus
512KB L2 cache per core
nVidia GeForce 6150LE GPU
2GB of RAM

Security Center
v: 9.11
bld: 9.11.109
update: 7-30-09

Virus Scan
v: 13.11
bld: 13.11.102
update: 8/2/09
DAT: 5696.0000
Engine: 5301.4018

v: 10.11
bld: 10.11.120
update: 7/30/09

WinXP Media Center 2005 SP3

Thanks for any / all support on this issue.
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RE: EXTREMELY slow scheduled scan....


please try the following:

  1. open mcafee
  2. click on computer and files and then configure
  3. under virus protection click on advanced
  4. click on scheduled scan (left side)
  5. then uncheck use minimal system resources

this should provide more resources to the scan hence hastening the scan process... hope this helps...
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Virus Scan runs too slow

I am running on Vista. Virus Scan 2009 runs too slow and am running with minimal resources. Scan has been running two hours and is 77% done. At times the scan stops and I have to skip the file it is scanning. Any suggestions to improve the speed. When I run SpyBot or Adaware the run times are much faster.
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