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Downloader BCS

Hi - on my last scan Downloader BCS was found and quarantined however MacAfee does not give me the option to delete - only send to MacAfee (which I did) - anyone know how to remove it now that it has been quarantined?  Or dont I need to worry?


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Re: Downloader BCS

Hi Bellaj, i got the same problem myself, just do a search, google or whichever you prefer, for a free McAfee program called Stinger, Download and install it, then just perform a full scan, it will detect the downloader -BCS trojan and  delete it. The scan is very detailed so it will take some time so please be patient, you can run it in the background and still carry on using your computer. Since the trojan has already been quarantined it shouldn`t be a problem anyway, but it`s still worth running Stinger just in case there are any more mlicious beasties hidden away, you might also try downloading another two free programs, one is malwarebyte, which searches for malicious software, and spyware terminator which does what it says, both of which are free. Hope this helps. Mac

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Re: Downloader BCS

Hi bellaj,

You can download Stinger from here and please follow the on screen instructions to run a full advanced scan. Please report back for any assistance.


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