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DCWG threat in July 2012

News on TV today is saying this threat will hit us very soon.

Is this related to the DNS Changer threat of the past couple years?  Malware?

Tells us to check website

Is McAfee on top of this threat so we are protected?

It is difficult to find an answer to this question.  Please advise.

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Re: DCWG threat in July 2012

I've been watching this story since it first appeared. A couple of people have asked about it - see the threads at

"Did the FBI say we should check to see if computer is infected?and


Yes, McAfee knows all about the DNSChanger Trojan and you are protected against it. Read the posts in the above threads, they should tell you what you need to know.

Edit : There's an update on the situation (June 28th) by Brian Krebs at

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Re: DCWG threat in July 2012

The cut-off for the 300,000 users who still haven't cleaned their machines is now imminent : in about 60 hours the replacement servers will be switched off and internet access for those users will disappear. Still, they've had plenty of warning.

The latest update on this is on the Computerworld site here.

Edit - And hey, look what I just found on the SiteAdvisor site : a handy check-your-PC-is-okay app.

Also a press release (well, a correction to an earlier press release). Which is mostly PR stuff, plus a link to that checker.

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