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DAT not updating

Info normally asked for in response to most questions:

I'm on Windows XP service pack 3

I do not have any other virus protection packages installed

This problem appeared at 4am on May 31 after automatically updating

I do not and have not ever had any malware on this computer

My problem is, since the update, real time scanning won't stay on. Ran the MVT and it found a couple registry errors and an out of date DAT. The registry errors fixed with no problem, but the DAT won't update no matter how many times I manually or through the MVT tell it to. It's expecting DAT 6362, but is stuck on DAT 6359 no matter how many times I tell it to update. I've tried restarting the computer after telling it to update, but that didn't solve things either. My last MVT session ID before typing this up was 33227552.

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Re: DAT not updating

Restart the computer in safe mode with networking and try to run MVT and manually update McAfee and let me know the status and messsage from MVT and McAfee. Are you using Wireless connection on the computer?

PS : To enter “Safe Mode with Networking”, you need to restart the computer. While the computer reboots, you need to keep tapping F8 key on your keyboard. Then it will take you to the page (Windows Startup screen) from which you can select “Safe Mode with Networking" from the list, using the up and down arrow keys of the keyboard. After selecting “Safe Mode with Networking”, press the Enter key.Then your system will boot up in Safe Mode with Networking.

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